sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

She's my that kind of girl

Taiteiden yö oli ja meni, siitä tämän verran:

Joojoo, gifit vituttaa muaki mutta nyt vaivauduin tommosen tekemään.
Öö. Dagen efter:

Kotona oon tuijottanu Criminal Mindsia. Sellainen viikonloppu.

Translation: The Night of Arts is gone. Gif above, altought I hate gifs. Rest pics are 'the day after'. Watched lots of Criminal Minds. That kind of weekend.

She's electric, she's the current running through my veins
She's a siren, hearing voices that I can't explain
Now I should be thinking it over
Instead I'm calling her over
Now she's here and she won't go quietly

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